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Welcome to my website.
I am a professional artist with 30 years of experience. I have been painting images of the Seacoast area of N.H. as well as Southern Maine over the past 15 years. 
My repertoire of work also includes abstract work as well as still life.
My studio is located at the Button Factory in Portsmouth NH,( studio 317) where I create my own work as well as provide workshops in oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor and mixed media. I believe in teaching from observation to develop strong skills in the foundations of drawing, value, and creating a sense of light and space. 
Winter Workshop Class Schedule 2018 Button Factory Studio 317

Beginner Oil Painting  

 1/20/18, 2/3/2018, 3/17/2018  11:00-5:00          Cost per class $125.00       Only able to take 4 students.     All materials are provided. 

Advanced  Painting, Still Life into Abstraction

 2/17/2018, 3/31/18    11:00- 5:00           Cost per class 125.00         Materials list will be provided.   Please contact me for more information.

The Painterly Drawing

1/27/2018, 3/3/2018    11:00-5:00             Cost per class 125.00         Materials list will be provided.   Please contact me for more information.

Automatic Expressive Abstract Painting Exercise ( Paint Night or Afternoon Class)

This is a guided lesson where we use shape, color pattern and line to create paintings that are drawn from nature but do not illustrate it in a literal sense.

Working quickly and in a large format what unveils itself are deeper meanings that come together like a creative dance of forms and colors. The piece that we are working on is turned several times during the 

process so that there is no clear orientation. We finish the class with a group discussion. Each individual painting is turned for the group to respond to until the true orientation for the finished piece emerges.

This is a great way to understand how abstraction or the non- objective role of art plays an important place in our culture and psyche.

All Materials are provided. We will be working on large sheets of watercolor paper using acrylic paint and  variety of brushes and mixed media.

This works great with a group of friends or co-workers. Please forward this to others that you think might be interested. 

Cost per class $50.00  This is a 2 hour class.  I can take 5 individuals for this class.

For more information about any of these workshops please contact me at :    krobbinsfineart@gmail.com 

 Gallery Representation
Camden Falls Gallery, Camden Maine

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 copyright 2011 Kathleen Robbins. all artwork is the exclusive property of Kathleen Robbins none of the material can be copied or reproduced. all materials are protected under u.s. and international copyright laws.
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Plein Air Painting Weekend Workshops Fall 2018

To be announced.
 Please contact me for more information.
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